AVIONICA manufactures watches for different military aviation units in different countries around the world. These models have been designed by the combat pilots themselves, with the emblems and representative aircraft of each unit. Adding aeronautical signs and shapes that make each model exclusive and distinctive pieces of these Aces of aviation.

With our experience in watch manufacturing and model design committed to the military world to produce and create personalized watches for the most demanding customers.

The watches are individually personalized, with the client's job, name, destination and any emblem desired. As well as being able to choose the different finishes and type of straps (leather, rubber, steel, etc.). Robust, elegant watches made with the best materials to provide the highest performance

Product design and development: Our design team makes several personalized proposals so that together with the client we can achieve the most emblematic model for the unit.

Manufacturing: Chosen design our extensive experience in the field of watchmaking at your service. We work with suppliers of great reputation and quality.

Quality: All components and in the end the complete watch have to pass our QC system.

After Sales Service: We maintain an efficient repair and maintenance service.


Each unit of the different armies of each country has distinctive signs that make it unique. Our company is specialized in designing, together with different military groups, the models that best reflect the character, personality and tradition of each group. With distinctive signs such as emblems, airplanes, logos...made with great detail and quality to achieve a product that can offer the most demanding conditions of use and greater performance, meeting all the expectations of our clients in the different armies of the world.