Aeronautical design and the world of the aerospace industry, as well as the instrumentation in the aircraft cockpit inspire the passion for AVIONICA military watches.
With the aim of building a fully effective watch – instrument for professional use, the models are designed based on the precision, clarity and elegant simplicity of the models. As a result of the experience of professional use in the most extreme combat flight conditions, the watches are modified and adjusted until we achieve a final product capable of satisfying our most demanding customers. AVIONICA has created together with fighter pilots a series of models in Special Editions, dedicated to this aviation elite. These watches maintain the purest spirit of the aviator models adapted to current times with the anagrams, characteristic details of each unit and the aircraft of each group. With these designs and its exceptional quality it has earned the trust of the best pilots. These pilots from the different units provide their experience and contribute to the design of each watch. Everything happens very quickly in the cockpit, any decision has to be made quickly and intuitively and precision is the difference for these Aces.

AVIONICA watches have had a recognized reputation for excellence in manufacturing, our primary objective has been to offer Swiss precision in craftsmanship with advanced design and cutting-edge technology. The concept and commitment to quality included in the Swiss manufacturing includes both the technical characteristics and the design and final appearance of the watch. The intrinsic value

The SWISS MADE label is the result of the work of the Swiss watch industry in manufacturing watches of excellent quality, innovating and maintaining its reputation.

As in the past, the search for the highest quality is the basis for the company’s success. From the creation process to the manufacturing process, our validated procedures guarantee the best quality. With an innovative design team in cooperation with a committed watch manufacturer to achieve a high-performance product.

Product Excellence

AVIONICA watches are careful pieces of watchmaking art, maintaining the purest Swiss tradition in manufacturing with the best materials to offer a product of great quality and beauty.

Steel Stainless 316L. All The boxes and armix made of 316 L Stainless Steel is a type of low-grade steel.
oxidation and more resistant to corrosion than steel stainless conventional like 302-304. It has the following characteristics: -Greater resistance -Excellent formability -Greater tensile and breaking strength -Greater resistance to erosion and corrosion.

Movements. Excellent quality movements, AVIONICA MARK 7 automatics, made in Switzerland. Valjoux automatic chronographs, with bearing rotor. Stop system, ETACHROM regulator, INCABLOC anti-shock system

Crystals. Layered Mineral Crystals special anti-scratch. Sapphire crystals, material transparent made of Oxide Aluminum crystallized at very high temperatures. Chemically it is it same as natural sapphire, being one of the most hard with a 9 on the Moss scale.

Spheres. SUPERLUMINOUS high-performance phosphorescent pigments. Also called photoluminescent. These compounds are not radioactive and are not toxic.